Tallinn Photomonth '17 01.09–29.10.2017

Adele Watts

Adele Watts (b. 1980) is an artist and photographer based in London, UK. Graduating with a BA (Hons) in photography from Solent University in 2004, Adele has continued to develop her practice, exhibiting recent works in both solo and group shows. She was recently selected for the first cycle of 2015/2016 ISSP International Masterclass with Aaron Schuman. Adele’s work is often drawn to her family, reflecting on memories of her familial past and recurrences of isolation and loss. Using the family archive and reconstructing narrative through new works, in I remember she explores the affects of trauma from the sudden loss of her mother’s father when her mother was a young child. Searching for clarity and hope of some resolution, the work deals with the pain of only seeing partially and of partial experience.