Tallinn Photomonth '17 01.09–29.10.2017

Okapi: Alan Proosa

Okapi Gallery is an exclusive exhibition and studio space in the heart of the Tallinn old town, specialised on photography and glass art. There is a permanent exposition of fine art photography at the gallery, and a changing exhibition program showing artists’ collective body of works or series. At the Photographic Art Fair, Okapi Gallery presents works of art from the latest photography series Ootus / Waiting by Alan Proosa. Proosa has been active on the Tartu art field and in various music bands. After a couple years of living in Tallinn, he resides and operates now in Bangkok, Estonia, Europe. He has been working as a freelance photographer, artist, musician and a photography teacher at the Estonian Academy of Arts and the Tartu Art College, as well as a supervisor and opponent of diploma for several photography students. He is also a member of the Tartu Artists’ Union (2009).