Tallinn Photomonth '17 01.09–29.10.2017

Konstanet: Daria Melnikova

Konstanet is a non-profit project space founded in July 2013. Until 2017, Konstanet consisted of two spaces, the online space at konstanet.com and a scaled (1:5) physical space located in the centre of Tallinn, Estonia. Currently, Konstanet’s primary exhibition space is located online, but it occasionally operates as a pop-up in the offline world as well. Konstanet focuses mainly on international collaborations with young emerging artists. At the fair, Konstanet is presenting the works by Daria Melnikova (b. 1984, Latvia). She has graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia, Visual Communication department, and recently started to collaborate with her sister Agata Melnikova. Their common work includes two exhibitions, Dancing Specularity at kim? Contemporary Art Centre (2017) and Celestial Stems at Gallery 427 (2016), both in Riga, as well as the ongoing accessory collection Ancient Relics.