Tallinn Photomonth '17 01.09–29.10.2017


Book presentation: Russian Independent SelfPublished

01.10 15:30

Estonian Photographic Art Fair, Telliskivi Creative City, bar Pudel 2nd floor

The members of Russian Independent SelfPublished present an art book “Sea I become by degrees” and zines about renovation of Moscow.

In English.


“Sea I become by degrees”, author Natalia Baluta, design Julia Borissova


The Aral Sea appeared on the maps just recently. Until the 17th century, scientists had only a vague idea about this part of the world. On their maps Amu Darya and Syr Darya Rivers flowed into different directions, the Caspian Sea was connected to the ocean, and instead of Aral Sea they placed on the maps deserts, swamps or emptiness at all. But there was the sea here, it had lived in perfect balance, breathing out as much water into the hot sky, as powerful rivers were bringing from the Asian mountains.

For people living along the banks of the sea and the rivers, water has always been precious, almost divine. It fed them, and gave coolness and heat, music, stories and paints. People here always had a dream to fill deserts with the water and to turn the sands into the gardens, to make life a little better. And they did it, the sea was dismantled into the canals and reservoirs. Water is now elsewhere, working hard. Each piece of Uzbek cotton carries a part of the Aral Sea, and the breath of the sea remains only in the patterns.


Photo zines about renovation of Moscow are curated by Russian Independent Selfpublished photographers Ekaterina Naumova, Anna Bedynska, Nina Arkhipova, Anna Gurovich, Anna Dmitri, Mikhail Emelchenkov, Olga Kirsanova, Kristina Koroleva.