Tallinn Photomonth '17 01.09–29.10.2017

Failure / Afterlife


Various spaces in Tallinn

Anna Mari Liivrand

The main environment where we encounter artworks is the exhibition space – a space controlled and organized by artists and curators, in which the art object is considered ready. Occasionally, the creative process of making art is the artwork itself. Even more rarely we see the process that precedes and follows the moment when a work of art is declared ready and begins to fulfil its purpose by intriguing or somehow influencing the audience. Failure | Afterlife highlights various aspects of the creative processes behind art that remain hidden in the context of an exhibition: experiments, failures, the recycling and afterlife, that is, everything that precedes and follows the artworks outside of the secure exhibition space.


The aim of the Failure | Afterlife project is to – in the current globalized and productivity-oriented (art)world – turn attention to the non-productive, non-progressive, failed and slow processes that often lie behind artistic practices, which thereby act as an indicating and balancing force in an otherwise hectic and urgent contemporary society.