Tallinn Photomonth '17 01.09–29.10.2017


Publication launch by Rundum artist-run space

06.10 19:30

ARS building

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What if …

The freedom to choose, to say no.

Deliberately disorganise. Develop bad habits. Be ungrateful.

We are only flexible moving on the land and on the terms that we have discovered.

What if it were very simple. We just haven’t tried it this way.

The hunger for new solutions.

Falling in love.

To move further from knowing or contemplating what is a self-organised initiative and to become something else on the way.

How not to be just active, but active in a meaningful way.

It is not only something that is forbidden by the authority that stops the development and transformation of oneself but the learned habits, which tend to normalize a certain behaviour. To realise one’s capabilities and freedoms and to realise that there exist situations where a certain degree of autonomy can be reached and practiced.


At the end of September, Rundum artist-run space will launch a publication, which besides the members’ experiences, doubts and questions, encompasses the larger context of the artist-organizer and the hidden possibilities/threats characterizing these diverse conditions.

The launch of the publication will take place in parallel with a series of events organised by Rundum inviting various initiatives and thinkers to Tallinn who imagine new ways of operating collectively and use different tactics to address social issues.