Tallinn Photomonth '17 01.09–29.10.2017

Wearing Out and Weathering

Kristin Reiman


Hobusepea gallery

Photograph by Kristin Reiman

The perfect neutrals are

overcast sky

skin tone

lukewarm water

and maybes.


The neutral is the constant becoming of an in-between value. It is the




the grey-on-grey as the overcast atmosphere becomes an inescapable projection from a bright-dull lightbox that hurts to look at; the green-concealer-on-red-skin to smooth out the blushing imperfections on the facade of a face; and the motion of sandpaper wearing down the characteristic peaks of a texture too rough to touch.


Neither bland nor savoury, neither tight nor diluted, the luminous grey is in limbo of indecisiveness becoming an intensity.


The installation Wearing Out and Weathering is a search for ways to further neutralize the already neutral space, wearing the process into tension rather than slack.