Tallinn Photomonth '17 01.09–29.10.2017

You know you’ve become part of the view

Kristina Õllek & Kert Viiart


Hobusepea gallery

Kristina Õllek & Kert Viiart, 2017

You Know You’ve Become Part of the View  is a joint exhibition by Kristina Õllek and Kert Viiart, which is a continuation to Õllek’s previous exhibition project When You Have the Object Itself in Front of Your Eyes and their collaborative project Exhibit_onscroll on Instagram, which both engaged with the questions of image representation and dematerialisation within observing the format of an exhibition, and its influence on the viewer and contemporary art position in the digital age.


The new exhibition at Hobusepea gallery will carry on with previous subjects and complement these through the contemporary context of archeology and museology by researching the relationship between the exhibited objects and their display elements as well the representative 3D virtual reality.


Kristina Õllek works in the field of photography, video and installation, and questions the relations between space, object and image, considering the context of the original and the copy. Her work examines contemporary visual culture, how representation can be mediated and how it influences our perception. She is particularly interested in the format of exhibition making and in the phenomenon of art documentation, regarding how its position has changed in the digital age.


Kert Viiart is a graphic designer and visual artist. In his practice he deals with the influence of technological development on visual language by researching the relations of virtual representations to everyday objects and environments. He also co-runs, with Carl-Robert Kagge, a graphic design studio Le60.