Tallinn Photomonth '17 01.09–29.10.2017

Tallinn Photomonth announces a personal exhibition of Maria Kapajeva at Narva Art Residency


Image from Maria Kapajeva’s digital archive

8 September – 8 October, 2017

Narva Art Residency


Maria Kapajeva’s personal exhibition deals with the social legacy of Krenholm textile mill. The famous mill that bankrupted in 2010 was a significant enterprise in Narva throughout the 150 years of its existence. The quietness of Krenholm today, contrasting with the throbbing factory noise and lively female collectives once so common in these spaces, is the starting point of the exhibition at Narva Art Residency.


Maria Kapajeva is a Russian speaking Estonian artist born in Narva and based in London. Her practice is centered around photography, although often expanding its borders and working with installations, video and textile crafts. The issues that her work touches upon are always some or another way tied to the representation of women. Being a child of one of the Krenholm designers, her current show is inspired by the artist’s personal interviews with former Krenholm workers and a vast collection of their digitized photo albums gathered during this process.


The exhibition is curated by Tallinn based curator Liisa Kaljula whose interests range from the Socialist era art to the post-Socialist art that deals with the recent past of its own region.


The exhibition is accompanied by a varied public programme for different ages in Estonian, Russian and English organized by Tallinn Photomonth together with Estonian Academy of Arts and supported by the British Council Estonia.


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