Tallinn Photomonth '17 01.09–29.10.2017

GD project space

GD project space is a para-educational platform that aims to question the role of design in society via reading groups, discussions, lectures and other activities, organised by Ott Kagovere and Maria Muuk. At the fair, the project space intends to reflect on the fair’s this year’s heightened focus on developing communication strategies and selling, and draw attention to issues concerning self-marketing and precarious work. In addition to GD project space’s merchandise, we will present the work Flexible Bodies by designer/researcher/writer François Girard-Meunier in our fair booth. We invite visitors to watch the film “Kleines Postfordistisches Drama: Kamera Läuft!” and discuss our working experiences together with Maarin Mürk. We will launch the new publications series “Homeless Texts” in collaboration with Lugemik art publishers and the Estonian Academy of Arts, and Airi Triisberg will give a lecture on the art workers’ movement and refusing work. A thematic reading corner will be open to visitors throughout the fair.