Architectonics. 600m2 vs 6m2


Former railway repair hall at Telliskivi quarter

Arne Maasik, Architectonics XII.

Former railway repair hall at Telliskivi quarter (Telliskivi 57) and Gallery Metropol (Vana-Kalamaja 46)
Artist: Arne Maasik
Curator: Triinu Soikmets
Partners: ArtDepoo and Gallery Metropol
Dates: 8.09 –27.09.2019
Opening times: Wed–Sun at noon – 6pm
Opening: 7.09.2019 5pm at Telliskivi and 7pm at Gallery Metropol
Accessible by wheelchair in Telliskivi, but not in Gallery Metropol

The dialogue partner for Arne Maasik’s new photo series is this time the exhibition space itself – space as an object of artistic interest – in one case large and empty, and in the other tiny and full. A satellite with a satellite – 600m2 vs 6m2 – connected to each other and to the main programme through the moral belonging of a space. Disintegrating factory buildings and houses under heritage protection serve as spaces for potential businesses or prospective apartments, on site or on paper. Often legally and categorically situated on no-man’s-land, these are symbols of the industrial revolution and our architectural heritage that are now just surviving in a contemporary building boom. This kind of noisy background makes the series titled Architectonics like a time lapse moment of ‘white architecture’ where perfectly composed space and abstract void mark the building’s value.