Artist talk with Tanja Muravskaja at the exhibition Garden Exile: The Tuglas Home Garden Through Tanja Muravskaja’s Lens

26.10 14:00

Kumu Art Museum

Tanja Muravskaja, from the project Garden Exile. Photo (2016–2019). 


Kumu Art Museum (A. Weizenbergi 34)
Artist: Tanja Muravskaja
Curator: Elnara Taidre
Date: 26.10.2019 at 2pm – 3pm, access with the museum ticket
Accessible by wheelchair

The artist talk will be held in Russian

On 26 October there will be an artist talk by Tanja Muravskaja at the exhibition Garden Exile: The Tuglas’s Home Garden Through Tanja Muravskaja’s Camera Lens . The conversation looks at Muravskaja’s creative practice and principles and opens the creative process and the content of the works created for the Garden Exile exhibition. The starting point for the exhibition is the photographic documentation of the garden at Elo and Friedebert Tuglas’ home – highly interesting material both aesthetically and contextually. Muravskaja has examined the photographic material depicting the Tuglas’ garden (which is currently part of the Under and Tuglas Literature Centre), the garden itself and the garden as a general symbol through various contemporary photographic art methods. The talk will be led by curator of the exhibition, Elnara Taidre.

Tanja Muravskaja (1978) works and lives in Tallinn. She studied photography at the Estonian Academy of Arts 2002–2010 and the University of Westminster 2004–2005, before that she also studied journalism at Tallinn University. She rose to prominence in the Estonian art world in the second half of the 2000s with solo exhibitions of mainly photographic portraits dealing with (new) nationalism.