I can’t be fucked


Vent Space project space

Hans Jakob Väär, In the Sun (2018).

Vent Space project space (Vabaduse väljak 6/8, courtyard of Tallinn Art Hall)
Artists: Kristiina Aarna, Lisann Lillevere, Gerda Nurk, Ania Pażucha, Anna Tamm, Pille-Riin Vihtre, Hans Jakob Väär
Curators: Kati Ots and Aksel Haagensen
Dates: 22.10.–3.11.2019
Opening times: Mon–Sun  1pm – 6pm
Opening: 21.10.2019 at 6pm
Not accessible by wheelchair

I can’t be fucked is a collaboration between students from the photography department, the contemporary art programme and the curatorial studies programme at the Estonian Academy of Arts. In preparation for the exhibition, an exchange of ideas between students was of central importance. The studio projects by students at the photography department have been developed further to become a new collective body of work, which expresses the individual style of each artist while contributing to a joint thematic concept. 

Vent Space is a student project space run by curatorial studies and fine art students from the Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA), the aim of which is to offer EKA students a public platform for their creative practice. 

The exhibition will be accompanied by a public programme. 

Vent Space facebook.com/ventspaceprojektiruum

Photography department at the Estonian Academy of Arts artun.ee/en/curricula/photography/overview

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