Tours of Where Even Sunrays Will Not Reach


Kalamaja Museum

TLA.1465.1.1132. Autor: Hans Soosaar, [1920] – [1940]. Description by Soosaar: Living conditions: Jüri, Köie tn 1a. An old man with a hunched back, lives in a dark cellar where even sunrays will not reach… 

Tours begin from the stairs of Kalamaja Museum
Kotzebue 16

The opening tour of the exhibition on the streets of Kalamaja will take place on 3 October, 7pm. The tour will be led by the curators of the museum – Laura Jamsja, Kristi Paatsi and Tuuli Silber and will be held in Estonian. Register to the to the opening tour here.

Additional tours are held on 19.10 at 1pm and 01.11 at 7pm. All tours are in Estonian – come with a willing native speaker friend! Registration here.

The exhibition focuses on Hans Soosaar’s 1920s-1940s black-and-white photographs depicting life in the basement apartments of Kalamaja and North Tallinn. The photographs of Soosaar help to bring the citizens of the Republic of Estonia, who lived in dreadful and humble conditions, out of the shadows into the autumn light and to disrupt modern everyday life, giving the residents of Kalamaja and visitors an opportunity to reflect on changes in societal norms and living standards.

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