ARS Art Factory

Marge Monko, preliminary rendering of Untitled (2019).

Facade of ARS Art Factory (Pärnu maantee 154)
Artist: Marge Monko
Dates: 06.09.–03.11.2019
Opening times: 24/7
Accessible by wheelchair

Untitled is the first work exhibited on the facade of the ARS building facing Pärnu maantee. Marge Monko has created a new photographic work in which the virtual and physical world meet. The image makes reference to the history of the ARS building that was closely related to the traditions of applied art and handicrafts but also indicates the contemporary situation in which creative people with various profiles work in the building. The photograph depicts hands, which is a recurring motif in Monko’s work. The hands on the images represent different functions, they appear as tools in immediate contact with materials as well as means of presentation, demonstrating the features of objects.