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ARS Showroom Gallery

Krista Mölder, Salix II, Twilight (2019).

ARS Showroom Gallery (Pärnu maantee 154)
Artist: Krista Mölder (EE)
Dates: 26.09.–10.10.2019
Opening times: Mon–Fri at 10am – 4pm
Opening: 25.09.2019 at 5pm
Accessible by wheelchair

‘In the angle mort — the blind spot — where the visible is no longer visible to sight. In the dead zone where the two human rhythms (first the cardiac, then the pulmonary) embrace and around which they generate sonic ecstasy and, perhaps, music — and, from music, time.’

/Pascal Quignard, Roving Shadows (Les Ombres errantes, 2002)/