Tallinna Fotokuu


Tallinna Fotokuu on 2011. aastal Eesti Fotokunstnike Ühenduse poolt loodud omaalgatuslik rahvusvaheline kaasaegse kunsti biennaal.

Kaasaegse kunsti biennaal


Opening of Tallinn Photomonth in 2021. Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM). Photo: Joosep Kivimäe.

Tallinn Photomonth is an international biennial of contemporary art, which features work that spans all disciplines and looks at developments in art and society in a world increasingly mediated by cameras, screens and images. While it was initiated by the Estonian Union of Photography Artists (FOKU) in 2011, which coordinates and supports collaboration between art institutions, galleries and artists, Photomonth seeks to broaden its focus beyond the means of photography.

In 2021, the largest contemporary art event in Estonia, Tallinn Photomonth (1.09.–17.10.2021) presented an international group show with four off-site locations, a programme of artists’ films and the only art fair in Estonia, Foto Tallinn with 37 presentations. The biennial also included a satellite programme with a total of 15 exhibitions open during the period. Tallinn Photomonth managed to involve a record number of 813 participants with its bilingual educational programme. Altogether the 2021 biennial had more than 33,122 visitors, including many international guests and journalists coming in for the opening weekend of the biennial.