Eesti Dendys


ARS kunstilinnak

Classical estonian home interior living room with a TV set and an Atari 130XE, 1993. Author unknown.

LVLup! Estonian Video Games Museum (Pärnu mnt 154)
Curator: Camille Laurelli and Andrejs Rusinovskis
Dates: 06.09.–03.11. 2019
Opening times: Tue – Thu 3pm – 8pm, Fri – Sat 3pm – 10pm, Sun 3pm – 6pm
Ticket info: 4  / 3 / 2 €
Accessible by wheelchair

LVLup ! is an interactive museum with around 250m2 and more than 40 working video game consoles and other electronic game systems. The museum is also an experimental art space and a residency programme inviting artists to engage in workshops and exhibitions. The museum is founded by Camille Laurelli and Andrejs Rusinovskis.

The artist Camille Laurelli is building an anonymous picture archive of Estonians playing video games during the 90’s, as a testimony for the LVLup! Video Games Museum.  The Dendy was a copy of the first Nintendo 8-bit system; they became so popular in Eastern Europe that the word even replaced the term ‘video games’. The only collection of photographs about this period of Estonian history is on display in the permanent exhibition space of the museum and can be viewed during museum opening hours. These vernacular pictures are full of precious information in terms of interior design and reveal the relationship that people had with home technology. It also shows how their environment was built around the TV set shortly before and after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The photographs are strewn everywhere between the furniture and in the collection of the museum. A map will help you find them.